Ward of Saint Scarlett

The Birth of the Ward of Saint Scarlett

Ritter Scarlett was a humble biologist when the Great Expansion began in 4026. What set Scarlett apart from other biologists, however, was his maniacal obsession with discovering the key to all creation. An only child to a mother and father of two very different sets of religious beliefs, Ritter Scarlett wanted to prove, once and for all, that there was only one creator.
If he could do that, then perhaps he might bring an end to the constant bickering between the many religious sects. The Great Expansion, he was sure, would allow him to prove that life was based on the same blueprint no matter how far one traveled. Surely, that would help to bring an end to the wars and division that plagued humanity?.

By the time Scarlett had gathered enough evidence, over a span of 17 years, he was in his fifties. But age didn't slow him down. In fact, thanks to his discoveries, which did indeed indicate that life on other planets was genetically similar to that of Tamoros, he felt more alive than ever. Immediately, he began the next phase of his goal—to convince the leaders of the various religious sects to end their feuds and unite under one faith.
In less than a year, by the year 4043, Scarlett had recruited enough followers to begin his own religious sect; one that he hoped would eventually unite all religions. For the next 35 years, the Temple of Libri Omnes (One God) worked to spread its message and to promote unity. In the meantime, the Great Expansion continued. This allowed Scarlett and his growing army of followers to gather even more evidence to support his vision.
At its peak, which came just before the Dark Crusades, the Temple of Libri Omnes had united 6 of the 11 religious sects under one faith, with over 4 billion followers. However, the Dark Crusades brought about the end of not just the UCS, but also the Temple of Libri Omnes—at least in terms of Scarlett's vision.

Ritter Scarlett, at the ripe old age of 93, was killed during the war. Knowing that death wasn't far away, he had instructed his most trusted followers to continue his work. Division, he told them, would only bring more death and destruction. In 4083, with the Commonwealth in ruins, its space now dangerous and teeming with rebel ships and fragments of the UCS' forces, the Temple of Libri Omnes left Commonwealth space to seek out a new home world and a new beginning. Upon their new home world, the Temple of Libri Omnes elected a new Chaster to take them forward into an uncertain future. Reynold Sykes was young and eager to carry on Scarlett's work. He seemed certain to become a great Chaster. But Reynold Sykes decided to take a different approach from that of Scarlett. Scarlett's way, unification through peaceful means, was too ponderous. In such perilous times, swift expansion was necessary. Using Scarlett's death to ignite the religious fervor of his followers, Sykes renamed the sect, The Ward of Saint Scarlett. Then, acting quickly, Chaster Sykes began to expand his territory, his reach enveloping those floundering planets on the edge of the now dead Commonwealth. Any that opposed him were wiped out or enslaved—all in the name of Saint Scarlett.

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