Vorici Conglomerate

The Breakaway of the Vorici Conglomerate

When the Universal Commonwealth of Systems (UCS) collapsed in on itself, the Vorici Conglomerate (VC) was the first to act. As the leaders of the other factions worked to rally their supporters amidst the crumbling remains, the Vorici Conglomerate, already formed—already powerful—quietly withdrew, unnoticed amongst the desolation and destruction.

CEO turned emperor, Peter Goodnight, possessed the resources and tools necessary to fashion a new world—a new universe. The fall of the UCS now meant that there was room for a new order to take over. With Emperor Goodnight at its head, there would be no mistakes like that which had led to the swift implosion of the UCS.

"Their ending shall be our beginning," Emperor Goodnight told his people as they stood before him, their eyes glistening, their shoulders pulled back. Having spent hours carefully tailoring his short speech, Emperor Goodnight had chosen his words well. For in his mind, they were more than just words. They were the kindling that would ignite the fire at the heart of his new empire.

"From their ashes, a new order will be born."

The odds seemed stacked in Emperor Goodnight's favor. It had been that way from the beginning of the Great Expansion. As the CEO of VC, UCS had hired Goodnight to mine the distant star systems and asteroids in advance of their colony ships. His part in the Great Expansion, they explained, would forever be recorded in history as being pivotal.

They had no idea. Emperor Goodnight carried out his duty with aplomb. Without his advanced mining technologies and techniques, The Great Expansion would not have been possible. But as the UCS fulfilled their lofty aims, so too did the Vorici Conglomerate, only Goodnight's ideals were far loftier, and their fulfillment relied on the demise of the UCS.

As the remains of the UCS scattered, millions confused and leaderless, Emperor Goodnight expanded his empire, laying claim to dead and living worlds alike. With the limitless possibilities afforded him by the discovery of the Reverberating Ion Crystals, Emperor Goodnight's strategic position was almost faultless.

But time was short. While it was true that the Empire of the Vorici Conglomerate was first to be born in the rotting husk of the UCS, it was not alone. In time—very little time, Goodnight was sure—other leaders would rise up, seeking to fulfill their own ambitions.

Swift action was imperative.

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