The United Soviet Territories

The Distant yet Deadly UST

The Distant yet Deadly UST
Shortly after the Great Expansion, the leaders of the United Commonwealth of Systems (UCS) recognized a serious threat within their ranks. The United Soviet Territories (The UST), a political party with maoistic ideals, and led by the vociferous Timur Mahavier, was sowing unrest amongst the populace.The Great Expansion, Mahavier argued, telling anyone who would listen, could create a massive gulf between the classes. While the UCS spoke of endless opportunity, Mahavier predicted suffering and strife for the poor. Tamoros, a dying planet, its resources all but exhausted, was on the brink of becoming a dumping ground for those less fortunate."While the rich and privileged among us enjoy the endless bounty of distant planets, those left behind on Tamoros will be forgotten. Essentially, this once flourishing planet will become a dumping ground for the unwanted—for the unimportant." Mahavier's ominous message was beginning to send ripples throughout the populace.
In the year 4027, shortly after the colonization of Patronus, the leaders of the UCS decided that enough was enough. Mahavier was gaining more and more supporters. It was only a matter of time before his indefatigable efforts to undermine the Great Expansion bore fruit.

At a secret emergency gathering of the UCS leaders, it was decided that Mahavier's voice needed to be silenced. In order to appease Mahavier, and to avoid a war, the UCS leaders offered him his own star system. They made sure that it was at the furthest reaches of known space. Voluntary exile for Timur Mahavier and his millions of followers—it would give the UCS the time and peace they needed to continue the Great Expansion.
Mahavier wasted no time in developing his new homeworld. Promising that although they would struggle at first, he would build a world in which his people could live in harmony. Thus, while the Great Expansion continued unabated thousands of units away, the United Soviet Territories was born.
But Mahavier wasn't finished with UCS yet. While it busied itself colonizing world after world, Mahavier plotted its downfall, patiently. When the Dark Crusades began, the UCS turning on its own people, the United Soviet Territories was waiting, expectantly. As millions of people perished and entire civilizations were turned to ash, the UCT's ships transported millions more to safety.
Yes, there would be great struggle in the coming years. Mahavier was sure of that. But with the fall of the United Commonwealth of Systems, he was now free to pursue his dream of creating a society in which all people were equal. But first, he knew, there would be unbelievable suffering.
But from struggle comes progress. It would be worth it in the end.


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