Ward of Saint Scarlett

The Birth of the Ward of Saint Scarlett

Ritter Scarlett was a humble biologist when the Great Expansion began in 4026. What set Scarlett apart from other biologists, however, was his maniacal obsession with discovering the key to all creation. An only child to a mother and father of two very different sets of religious beliefs, Ritter Scarlett wanted to prove, once and for all, that there was only one creator.

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Free Space Coalition

The Formation of the Free Space Coalition

Shortly after the United Commonwealth of Systems reluctantly brought the initial wave of the Great Expansion to a halt, civil unrest began to spread throughout its new domain. Initially, Patronos and Relanix, the first two planets to be colonized, were untouched by this disturbance in the equilibrium of the Commonwealth.

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Vorici Conglomerate

The Breakaway of the Vorici Conglomerate

When the Universal Commonwealth of Systems (UCS) collapsed in on itself, the Vorici Conglomerate (VC) was the first to act. As the leaders of the other factions worked to rally their supporters amidst the crumbling remains, the Vorici Conglomerate, already formed—already powerful—quietly withdrew, unnoticed amongst the desolation and destruction.

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