Age of Eternity: The Playable Cultures and Their Backstories

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Age of Eternity: The Playable Cultures and Their Backstories


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree       without roots."

            — Marcus Garvey


When the II-Games team set out to create Age of Eternity, one of our main priorities was to develop the factions/cultures. In other words, we wanted to breathe life into them. To do that, we delved into the richest source of cultural knowledge at our disposal — our very own planet Earth.

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Age of Eternity: The Inspiration Behind the Game’s Development

Age of Eternity: The Inspiration Behind the Game's Development

Have you ever wondered what would happen if humanity was forced to flee a dying planet Earth?

Where would we go?

And, perhaps most importantly, which of our surviving cultures would flourish, and which would fall?

Age of Eternity, a tabletop game set on a multitude of mysterious and hostile alien worlds, gives you — the player — an opportunity to answer these questions. Alas, this is not an age of peace or even prosperity.

This is an age of war. This is an age of strife. This is Age of Eternity.

Join us as we lead you on a journey to explore the universe of Age of Eternity. In this, the first blog post in our series, we'll cover the basics of the game and tell you the tale of why this game came to be.

It all Began Just over a Year Ago…

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Age of Eternity will be our first game to launch. A table top game centered around the fictional universe of Eternity. AoE is our unique take on collectible table top gaming, incorporating highly detailed models, collectible cards and fast pace game play.  It's time to connect with people over a game again. Get on board. Subscribe and thank you for your support!

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