Element Showcase: The Maxim

Element Showcase

Element Showcase: The Maxim

The United Soviet Territories boast some of the most effective combat tanks across Eternity. By far the most prominent is the is the Maxim Heavy Tank. Deviating from the UST’s affinity for conventional projectile weapons, the Maxim dons a short-range thermic cannon that launches devastating slugs across the battlefield. As a complement to its offensive capability, the Maxim is equipped with the heaviest armor plating available to the UST. Some Specialized Maxim Tanks, called Grade 2s, are deployed to act as support for nearby infantry and frames. Creating a mobile strong point on the battlefield for allied forces.



Maxim Heavy Tank

The Maxim Heavy Tank is primarily used as a heavy support in UST Battleforces across Eternity. The model comes as a large multi part Kit, and will be found within United Soviet Territories Battleforce boxes during the Age of Eternity Kickstarter campaign that starts March 22nd 2019. Each Maxim model  kit comes with a 106mm x 170mm Oval base to be mounted on for gameplay. 

Maxim Concept Art
United Soviet Territories Maxim Heavy Tank
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