Element Showcase: The Leviathan

Element Showcase

Element Showcase: The Leviathan

Standing nearly 14 feet tall, The Leviathan is one of the largest Heavy Frames in the Vorici Conglomerate’s arsenal. It is a beautiful construct of machinery that takes a unique advantage of the VC’s aptitude for speed and agility. Utilizing projected shielding to ward off incoming fire, The Leviathan dances across the Battlefield leaving wreckage in its wake. Conventionally armed with dual thermic blades, The Leviathan is capable of cutting down even the toughest of opponents with ease.  

The Leviathan is a staple for any Vorici Conglomerate Battleforce in Age of Eternity. The model comes as a large multi part Kit, and will be found within Vorici Conglomerate Battleforce boxes during the Age of Eternity Kickstarter campaign that starts March 22nd 2019. Each Leviathan model  kit comes with a 80mm circular base to be mounted on for gameplay.  

Leviathan Heavy Frame
VC Heavy Frame
Leviathan Heavy Frame

Logan Sullivan is likely the most feared Frame pilot within the Vorici Conglomerate. Unlike many of his colleges who prefer to fight from behind a line of Combat AI, Logan fights within the Vanguard. Finding sport in Weaving his Leviathan, Darksoul, between enemy Frames and formations as he cripples the opposing Battleforce from within their own line.  

Logan Sullivan
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