Element Showcase: Beacon Light Frame

Element Showcase

Element Showcase: Beacon Light Frame

The Beacon barely classifies as a light frame. Towering over other frames in its class, it trades the light frame’s traditional harassment role for hardened anti Infantry. Though it moves slow, the Beacon Light Frame is armed with two destructive flak cannons that easily rips through the toughest dug in Infantry Elements. Generally, Beacons are deployed to protect strategic positions from multiple small threats. Its heavy armor allows it to shrug off most smaller weapons but due to its lack of shielding and poorly reinforced structure the Beacon can’t handle the brutish force of heavy opponents.

Ward of Saint Scarlet Light Frame

The Beacon Light Frame is support Element used in Ward of Saint Scarlet Battleforces. The model comes as a Medium multi part Kit and will be found within the Ward of Saint scarlet Battleforce boxes during the Age of Eternity Kickstarter campaign that starts March 22nd 2019. Each Beacon model kit comes with a 60mm base to be mounted on for gameplay.

Ward of Saint Scarlet Concept art
Beacon Light Frame
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