Age of Eternity: The Playable Cultures and Their Backstories

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Age of Eternity: The Playable Cultures and Their Backstories


"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree       without roots."

            — Marcus Garvey


When the II-Games team set out to create Age of Eternity, one of our main priorities was to develop the factions/cultures. In other words, we wanted to breathe life into them. To do that, we delved into the richest source of cultural knowledge at our disposal — our very own planet Earth.

We then asked the question: What makes a culture great?

History Gives a Culture a Reason to Exist

To answer that seemingly simple question we examined great cultures, like the Ancient Romans, who once dominated their foes with superior military tactics. Although, if going by languages, of which there are 5,000 - 6,000 worldwide, there are thousands of cultures in existence today, we focused on only the most successful cultures.

The universe of Age of Eternity is inhabited by four playable cultures:

  • The Vorici Conglomerate (VC)
  • The Free Space Coalition (FSC)
  • The Ward of Saint Scarlett (Ward)
  • The United Soviet Territories (UST)

Players Can Choose a Cause

Not all of the cultures will resonate with you in terms of morality and style, but that was our plan from the beginning — to give players a cause for which to fight. Yes, players win games primarily through tactics, cunning and risk taking, but when a culture anda player is fighting for a cause, victory is more satisfying.

Here are the four playable cultures that exist to serve you on the alien battlefields of Age of Eternity.

The Vorici Conglomerate (VC)

"From their ashes, a new order will be born."

            Emperor Goodnight, Vorici Conglomerate


When the Universal Commonwealth of Systems collapsed, Peter Goodnight, CEO of Goodnight Enterprises, was already prepared. He quickly named himself emperor and renamed his empire the Vorici Conglomerate.

Once tasked by the now collapsed UCS to mine dead planets for their resources, Emperor Goodnight was free to use his advanced technologies and vast resources to carve himself an empire.

Leadership Style: Autocratic

Emperor Goodnight rules the Vorici Conglomerate alone.

Weapons Technology: Advanced combat AI, hover technology and beam weaponry

Not long after the fall of the UCS, Goodnight's mining operations discovered the first Reverberating Ion Crystal. They utilized this crystal to develop advanced shielding and propulsion systems, giving them an advantage over their enemies on the battlefield.

Cause: Galactic Domination

The Vorici Conglomerate desires to take over and rule the galaxy. Although Emperor Goodnight is not evil, he will stop at nothing to forge his great empire in the ashes of the UCS.

Most Hated Rival: The United Soviet Territories (UST)

Isak Cooper Frame Pilot

Eligos Light Frame

Free Space Logo


Lance Walker


Light Frame Free Space

The Free Space Coalition (FSC)

"We, of the Free Coalition, fight because we have nothing. All that we had was taken from us. But why do they fight? What did they lose?"

            — Free Space Coalition Soldier


Once the governor of a mining planet in UCS space, Neena Sorven formed the Free Space Coalition shortly after the fall of the United Commonwealth of Systems. Unlike the other cultures, the FSC is predominantly good.

When the United Commonwealth of Systems left Neena Sorven and her people to die horribly at the hands of a virus, she fought back, turning her rag-tag band of refugees into a united people.

Leadership Style: Militaristic

Since the Free Space Coalition is made up of those who lost loved ones due to the treachery of the UCS, they are always willing to fight. After all, their home planet of Tamoros is lost—they have no home, and very little else to lose.

Weapons Technology: A mixture of technologies, stolen from other cultures

The FSC rely on an array of technologies, all of them stolen from the UCS and from the other three cultures during battles and raids. As a result, a Free Space Coalition Battle Force may contain AI elements, human elements and a mixture of weaponry and propulsion systems.

Cause: A united galaxy, freedom

Neena Sorven is not an emperor, nor is she a power-hungry ruler. The Free Space Coalition was formed to fight back against the greed and treachery of the United Commonwealth of Systems. However, although the UCS is no more, the FSC's battle is far from over. If the Free Space Coalition doesn't stop the other factions from conquering the galaxy, its people will once again become oppressed by an unfair and greedy ruler.

Most Hated Rival: The United Soviet Territories, the Ward of Saint Scarlett

The Ward of Saint Scarlett (Ward)


            "Let us Build a Temple for Saint Scarlett on every planet in the galaxy!"

            — Reynold Sykes


In Age of Eternity, the Ward of Saint Scarlett is the only faction driven by religious fervor. However, during their expansion into space following the fall of the Commonwealth, it quickly became clear to all unfortunate to encounter them that they were more than willing to shed blood.

Reynold Sykes, leader of the Ward, is a psychopath who trusts no one that hasn't been accepted into the order. As a result, he is to blame for the deaths of millions.

Leadership Style: Tyrannical

Reynold Sykes waited a long time to become the leader of the Ward. As a result, he is willing to go to any means to ensure there are no rivals to his leadership, even if that means killing his own followers.

Weapons Technology: Chemical weaponry, strong armor and fanatical units

The Ward has no interest in human rights. Because of this, their weaponry and methods are barbaric. In fact, the galaxy is littered with the bloody evidence of their inhuman warfare techniques.

Cause: To unite, or enslave, all peoples under a single religion

Much like the other factions, the Ward of Saint Scarlett wishes to unite the galaxy under a common cause. However, life for citizens of the Ward is rife with danger. The Ward rules its colonies and planets with an iron fist and demands total subservience from the populace.

Most Hated Rival: The Free Space Coalition

Ward Faction Logo


Remy Cruz


Ward of Saint Scarlet Light Frame

UST Faction Logo


Tatyana Vetrov


UST Light Frame Image

The United Soviet Territories (UST)


            "Timur Mahavier is an extremely patient man. He waited and watched, secretly    building a powerful army. After 56 years of waiting, he crushed the UCS."

            — Excerpt from The Identity of War


Nobody was happier than Timur Mahavier when the UCS crumbled. During the Dark Crusade, he made sure that his was the first battle cruiser to reach Tamoros, the UCS home world and birthplace of humanity. He gladly gave the order to obliterate the planet he once called home.

Leadership Style: Maoist

Timur Mahavier has always believed that all men and women should be equal in status, no matter where they are born. He uses this vision to drive his soldiers on, giving them something to believe in. However, in reality, life is tough for the citizens of the United Soviet Territories. Food is scarce, living conditions are cramped and very few luxuries exist.

Weapons Technology: Powerful tanks, superior defensive positions and explosive ordinance

Much like the German war machine that rolled over Europe during the Second World War, the United Soviet Territories' military relies on powerful tanks and ordinance to obliterate their enemies. Their heavy focus on tank technology means that their frames are weaker than the frames of the other factions.

Cause: To spread Maoism to every corner of the galaxy

Although Timur Mahavier's motives might seem purely motivated by the need for equality among all peoples, inwardly, he desires to create the most powerful nation in human history. For the millions of troops that he throws into battle and the millions of workers toiling in his war factories, his vision is but a dream.

Most Hated Rival: The Free Space Coalition, the Vorici Conglomerate

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